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Walrus Audio Introduces the Canvas Direct Box & Line Isolator

Walrus Audio Introduces the Canvas Direct Box & Line Isolator

Designed to include everything you need from a DI/LI packed into a standard pedal-sized enclosure.

The Canvas is designed to remove resistance between musicians and their audience by giving a pristine, sonic foundation to build a single or dual-channel masterpiece. From houses of worship to the dive bar downtown, Canvas Mono & Stereo are built to be the performance palettes that go wherever you are making music.

Use the Canvas Mono and Stereo to convert your unbalanced signals into balanced signals for interfacing properly with your recording interface or mixer at front-of-house. If you’re using an amp-in-a-box (DSP Guitar Rig) like the Walrus Audio ACS1, keyboards, drum pads, bass or acoustic guitars, then the Canvas L.I/D.I.s are your new bridges to the front-of-house. The Canvas Series DIs pack everything you need from a DI/LI into a standard pedal-sized enclosure designed to look great right on top of your board.


•Flat frequency response from 20Hz-20kHz

•Converts 1⁄4” unbalanced input to XLR balanced output.

•Transformer isolated output.

•Sum switch for output channel summing and thru channel options.

•Pad: Enabled a -15dB input pad (in D.I. mode) to minimize distortion.

•Direct Injection or Line Isolator modes (Out for DI, In for LI)

•Ground Lift to help reduce hum if present.

•Custom wound transformers for low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) and full frequency response.

The Canvas Mono & Stereo are packaged in a custom powder-coated black aluminum enclosure. The die-cast enclosure’s exact size is 4.77” x 2.6” x 1.39”.

Walrus Audio: CANVAS Direct Box & Line Isolator

Walrus Audio is offering The Canvas Mono for a retail price of $149 and the Canvas Stereo for a retail price of $249. They are available now at and with our authorized dealers worldwide.