Nik Huber Announces Twangmeister Model

Nik Huber''s Twangmeister is a cross between his Dolphin model and a T-style

Rodgau, Germany (September 21, 2009) -- Nik Huber has announced a successful cross of his Dolphin model with a T-style guitar, resulting in his latest model: the Twangmeister.

The solid, arched body is made of swamp ash with an alder option. The guitar features a bolt-on maple neck with maple fretboard (optional rosewood), with the classic T-style hardware and pickups. The Broad R bridge pickup and custom T 90 at the neck position help provide a precise, assertive sound -- just what you would expect from a guitar like this.

As with all of Huber's instruments, the Twangmeister uses top-notch components and features outstanding workmanship. The Nik Huber Twangmeister is available in five classic finishes: Blonde, Trans White, 3-Tone Burst, 2-Tone Burst and Onyx Black.

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