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No Pain, No Gain

We all know that developing the skills necessary to evolve as a more proficient player really takes a somewhat manic-obsessive approach

We all know that developing the skills necessary to evolve as a more proficient player really takes a somewhat manic-obsessive approach. I have never discovered a short cut or a “Super Chops” magic pill, and you probably haven’t either. If you have, please let me know. We all experience peaks and valleys with our playing, and within our own personal progress. There are times when you actually feel like a pretty bad motor scooter, and other times you think your chops are old and tired. This is a perfectly normal evolution for many of us.

What isn’t perfectly normal is to not realize that nothing comes easily.
When it comes to discovering better tone and improved chops, it literally is, “no pain, no gain!” Talk about the epitome of “blisters on your fingers,” for at the end of the day, improving your chops takes practice. Practice requires discipline and commitment, something that our new Premier Clinic, powered by TrueFire, encourages you to do. Along with our good friends from, the premiere of the Premier Clinic will hopefully motivate and inspire you to take your playing to an entirely new level.

With this month’s Premier Clinic section, we challenge you to attend chop school. This section will provide you with the latest in interactive instruction, offering up a diverse portfolio of chopgasms.
Check it out and put some blisters back on those fingers, for after all … no pain, no gain!

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Tone up and throw down! Nuff sed.