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 In June, Hartley Peavey and his company literally brought a private trade show to Sweetwater headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A tractor trailer loaded with Peavey's latest equipment was sent to Sweetwater for a full day of gear demos and training/education for Sweetwater's elite staff of Sales Engineers. The display completely filled Sweetwater’s largest conference hall, and comprised Peavey's massive NAMM show booth along with additional displays and training areas.

Hartley Peavey himself spent the entire day at Sweetwater, fielding questions in person and discussing his company and passion for the music industry. Additional Peavey personnel on hand included Fred Poole (North American Sales Manager), Kent Morris (Worship Market Manager), Tim Tardo (Lead Engineer and Global Sourcing Director), Tom Stuckman (Lead Engineer/ Designer), Michael Smith (Product Manager MI division) and Scott Noble (District Sales Manager), who all met with Sweetwater's Sales Engineers privately and held an ongoing series of classes covering Peavey's equipment and company philosophy.

Highlights of the event included not only a chance to hear such groundbreaking pro audio products as Peavey's flagship RBN112 and RBN215 powered subwoofers, DM series powered speakers and subs, XR series powered mixers,  and PV series passive mixers, but also a chance to get hands-on with Cirrus and Millenium basses, Mini Max and Mini Mega bass amps, Vypyr Pro guitar amps, and Mini series amp heads with matching cabinets. In addition, Peavey displayed the full line of innovative Composite Acoustic guitars.

Sweetwater's Founder and CEO, Chuck Surack, said, "We're very proud of our close relationship with Hartley Peavey and his entire company. Bringing this private trade show to Sweetwater specifically to train our Sales Engineers only makes our relationship stronger and has enhanced our Sales Engineers' expertise with Peavey products, enabling them to make even better-informed recommendations for our customers."

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