Orange Amplification Relaunches Crush PiX Amp Range

Orange Amps will debut relaunch of Crush PiX amps range at Summer NAMM

Atlanta, GA (June 24, 2009) -- Orange Amplification is pleased to announce the upgraded version of their Crush PiX range of amplifiers just in time time for Summer NAMM in Nashville.

The improved range of Crush amps now extends from the Crush PiX CR12L through to the new 100 watt CR100 BXT, offering a variety of choices within the eight models. Incorporating all of the style you would expect to see in Orange amplifiers, the Crush amps include genuine Orange grill cloth, miniature Orange crest finish, signature Orange picture frame edging, exterior beading and the unique hieroglyphs easy-to-follow symbols.

Orange considers this new range to be the ultimate combo practice amps, perfect for rehearsal or smaller performance environments thanks to the new upgrades. Key upgrades include:
  • More power within in the same size frames.
  • New built in guitar tuner and integrated digital F/X with choice of sixteen cool sounds on the CR20LDX and CR35LDX models.
  • Select models with Aux input for MP3/CD jamming.
Street Prices:
CR12 $89
CR20L $115
CR20LDX $159
CR35LDX $239
CR25BX $159
CR50BXT $249

For more info, visit

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