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Orange Releases Thunder 30 Combo and Head

The two-channel Thunder 30 blends the Rocker and Thunder series, and will replace the Rocker 30 in Orange''s line of amps.

Atlanta, GA (January 29, 2010) -- Orange Amps has announced the launch of the new Thunder 30 combo and head. This replaces the Rocker 30 and will be shipping spring 2010.

The new Thunder 30 is an all-valve, class A, 30-watt twin channel amplifier, powered by four EL84 power valves (two more than the Rocker 30). It will be available in head and 1x12 configurations and includes an F/X loop (not featured on the Rocker 30) and the 1x12 is front loaded.

A brand new design incorporating the best of the Rocker and Thunder series, the new amps have two channels. The first is a classic vintage channel which has crystal clear clean sound and when turned up delivers a thunderous vintage power amp overdrive. The second overdrive/distortion channel, features a shape control as seen in the Thunderverb models and has a British tone crunch of numbing proportions!

The Thunder 30 combo offers the perfect balance between power and portability and is ideal for regular gigging. It’s small and light enough to be portable while also offering a phenomenal tonal range for use in the studio environment.

MSRP for the Thunder 30 is:
Thunder 30 Head $1199
Thunder 30 1X12 Combo $1349

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