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PRS Announces the Latest Additions to Their Amplifier Line

The new models include updates of their original paisley models, plus the Paul Reed Smith Signature and the 25th Anniversary Amp

Stevensville, MD (January 14, 2010) -- PRS has announced details on the latest additions to their amplifier line: the Texaplex II, Dallas II, Paul Reed Smith Signature Model, 25th Anniversary Amplifier and Super Dallas.

Texaplex II

Joining PRS' family of lower wattage amps alongside the Sweet 16 and the PRS 30, the new Texaplex II and the Dallas II round out the “tuxedo” line of amplifiers by providing new 50-watt options. Models have also evolved from the original line of paisley amps. These newly developed hand-wired amps include the Paul Reed Smith Signature amplifier, the Super Dallas and the 25th Anniversary amp.

The new Texaplex II is a 50-watt tube amp pumping out fat, British inspired notes that bloom and perfectly blend smooth and crunch and offer what can feel like days of sustain. The prototype for this amp, essentially created when Paul Reed Smith and Doug Sewell first met during the Dallas Vintage Guitar Show in 2004, appeals to “fewer knobs the better” players and players that like a quick set up time.

“This amplifier is the PRS interpretation of one of my favorite Sewell designs that allowed me to achieve all of my favorite rock tones,” said PRS amp designer Doug Sewell.

Dallas II
On the other hand, the Dallas II is a 50-watt boutique amp well suited for the working musician. The half hand-wired and half P.C. construction allows for the quality and sound of PRS’s original Paisley line Dallas, but at a player’s price point. This model lends itself to single coils, with the classic, balanced sounds derived from two 6L6 tubes.

“We have taken advantage of all the manufacturing and sourcing techniques developed at PRS over the past year to offer what we feel is a great value without sacrificing any of the features or tone of our initial Dallas model,” said Doug Sewell.

Paul Reed Smith Signature Model
Further refinement of PRS’s Original Sewell amp tweaked to Paul Reed Smith’s specifications gave rise to the Paul Reed Smith Signature model 50-watt tube amp. The reverse engineered cinemag 50 output transformer, all carbon composite resistors, two EL34 and 3 12AX7 tubes along with input, bright switch, treble, bass, and master volume are at home in an amp designed to meet Paul Reed Smith’s on stage amplifier needs. It will have a brand new covering, setting it apart from the paisley predecessor, and Paul will be signing the back plates.

“This amp is the Original Sewell on steroids with one less gain stage. It is my amp. It is what I play. I just turn it all the way up and smile,” said Paul Reed Smith.

25th Anniversary Amplifier
Designed around the Cinemag 50 output transformer with carbon resistors and audio signal locations, the 25th Anniversary Amplifier perked up the ears of many a open house guest during Experience PRS 2009 in September. When pushed hard, the high frequencies are naturally sweetened, and two internally bridged separately controlled channels provide maximum utility. The spec run down includes 50-watts, 2 EL34 and 12AX7 tubes, single input, treble gain, bass gain, treble, mid, bass, presence and a six position attenuator switch that allows you to incrementally reduce output.

Think of mid ‘60s British iconic amps when you think of this amp. PRS analyzed and faithfully recreated the inaccuracies of the original transformer that benefited and created the trademark British tone. The first 100 will be hand-wired on in-house constructed circuit boards and will have a very unique covering selected by Paul Reed Smith. The limited run will be followed by a hybrid-construction version with a new covering.

Super Dallas
Think of the Dallas model with hot-rodded circuitry for more gain, and you have the new Super Dallas model. These 50-watt models can stay clean but go to a healthy distortion. With 50 watts of power, two EL34 tubes, and reverb, artists are dialing in.

“This is the first amp I custom designed with specific artists in mind. Due to the positive feedback we received, we are proud to bring it to market as its own model,” said Doug Sewell.

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