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Randall Introduces New Bass Series Amps

Randall''s new bass amp and cab series features three heads and four cabs.

Chicago, IL (May 29, 2008) -- Randall Amplifiers introduces the new RB Series of heads and speaker cabinets. The new series includes three heads and four cabinets with revolutionary technology available at varying power levels.

The three RB amps include the RB750, RB500 and RB300. Designed for the serious working professional, our revolutionary Tube/MOSFET power circuit pushes authentic power tube tone without the costs & headaches associated with real power tubes. With enhanced power & performance, bass players will instantly notice a life-like reactionary feel unlike any other hybrid or solid-state bass amplifier. Each model also includes a footswitchable Overdrive circuit for light to heavy distortion and a studio quality Compression circuit that softly squeezes the signal without dropping the volume or revoicing the tone.

Built for portability and the abuse of the road, the XLT Bass Cabinets are tailor made to pair with the RB Series Heads. Each XLT cabinet is hand crafted using 3/4" void free birch plywood for tight solid tone and years of wear & tear. Choose from 8x10", 4x10", 4x12" and 1x15" options.

The RB Series includes the following models:



750 Watts @ 4 Ohms
Retail: $1,599.90

500 Watts @ 4 Ohms
Retail: $1,249.90

300 Watts @ 4 Ohms
Retail: $949.90



1600 Watts power handling
4 Ohms Impedance
Retail: $1,349.90

600 Watts power handling
8 Ohms Impedance
Retail: $1,099.90

800 Watts power handling
8 Ohms Impedance
Retail: $949.90

300 Watts power handling
8 Ohms Impedance
Retail: $649.90

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