Red Witch Analog Pedals Announces Medusa ChorusTrem Reissue

Red Witch reissues the Medusa, which blends Chorus and Tremolo

Anaheim, CA (January 12, 2010) -- Red Witch Analog Pedals has announced the reissue of their Medusa ChorusTrem pedal. Here's what the company has to say about the release:
The Red Witch Medusa ChorusTrem is back! She of the swirling chorus, She of the pulsing trem…… Back after five long years and better than ever!

Due to unprecedented demand our classic ChorusTrem pedal has returned: Stereo output, Expression pedal, multiple modes – everything you remember and more!

She’ll Chorus, she’ll Tremolo and she’ll ChorusTrem. There is only one Medusa – Hallelujah she’s back!
The Medusa will street for $349 and be available in late February.

For more information:
Red Witch

A faithful recreation of the Germanium Mosrite Fuzzrite with a modern twist.

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Presets extend the flexibility of an already expansive and easy-to-use reverb.

Intuitive. Great range in all controls. Well-built.

Some digital artifacts at long decay times.


Walrus Audio Slötvå


Walrus Audio is a prolific builder, but, as the five reverb pedals in their lineup suggest, they have a real affinity for manipulating time and space. The beauty of the Slötvå reverb (which is derived from the company’s very similar Spin FV-1 chip-based Slö reverb) is how satisfying and simple it makes dramatic shifts between time/space textures.

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With such a flashy flame top, the Silvertone 1445 was built to catch the eyes of department store shoppers.

I don’t know what’s going on lately, but I’m breaking down all over and my shoulder is the latest to crumble. When I was a kid I would practice guitar in my bedroom near a radiator with an ungrounded amp plug and I’d get a zap right through my guitar and into my hands. Well, my shoulder pain is like that now, only without the cool story of rock ’n’ roll survival. I simply woke up one day like this. After a few weeks of discomfort, I figured I’d try out a new pillow, since mine are flattened like a wafer. I ventured out to the mall and, much to my sadness, saw the local Sears store shuttered, with weeds growing up from the sidewalks and concrete barriers blocking the large glass doors. I know I don’t get out much, but, man, was I sad to see the Sears store I’d known since childhood closed-up like that. My wife was laughing at me because apparently it had been closed for some time. But since I seem to exist on a separate timeline than most folks, it was all news to me.

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