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Marion, IA (April 21, 2010) -- We’re launching a new feature on where you can show off your favorite gear to the world once a month in our official reader gear galleries. Each month we’ll feature a new category of gear. The first gallery is Your #1 Guitar.

To get your gear featured, submit 1–3 photographs to with a detailed caption of the gear— tell us what it is and why it's your #1. We’ll be accepting submissions for Your #1 Guitar until April 30th.

The second gallery will be Favorite Overdrive/Distortion; we're accepting submissions for this gallery until May 24th. For future submission deadlines and to see the finished galleries, sign up for Premier Guitar’s Backstage Pass newsletter at for notifications, or just check back to

Here’s are a list of categories you can expect to see over the next 12 calendar months, so get your camera ready:

Favorite Overdrive/Distortion
Guitar’s Battle Scars
Guilty Gear Pleasure
Vintage Amps
Your Main Pedalboard
Weirdest Piece of Gear
Your Practice Room or Recording Setup
Vintage Guitars
Secret Weapon
First Guitar
Botched Mods/Fixes
Vintage Pedals

It’s all in the details.



  • Understand the inherent challenges in rhythm guitar playing.
  • Develop new strumming patterns.
  • Cultivate practice strategies to keep yourself motivated.
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Last updated on May 12, 2022

Rhythm guitar is arguably the most important aspect of guitar playing, and it’s also one of the most challenging skills to develop. The discouragement many players feel when working on rhythms forces too many of them to oversimplify the nuances, and this can reduce a performance from exceptional to fine. In this lesson, we’ll investigate why rhythm guitar can be so puzzling and look at a few ways to keep yourself motivated enough to persevere and improve.

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Megadeth founder teams up with Gibson for his first acoustic guitar in the Dave Mustaine Collection.

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Former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist introduces a signature with a Seymour Duncan humbucker, while the DK24 series offers a "sculpted shredder's cut" heel and other premium features.

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