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Source Audio's New Soundblox Pedals

Pedals offer unique rethink of guitar effects

Anaheim, CA (January 14, 2008) - Source Audio, creators of the award winning Hot Hand Motion Control Wah Filter and Phaser/Flanger systems, is again redefining the world of guitar effects with the introduction of its new Soundblox pedals at this year’s Winter NAMM Show (booth #5599).

After creating the first effects system enabling guitarists to control proprietary Wah and Phaser/Flanger effects using hand and body motions, Source Audio was committed to bringing the same level of innovation and creativity to Soundblox. The company has gone to great lengths to come up with new and unique sounding effects that can be modulated with the Hot Hand Controller, available separately in either wireless or wired configurations, or driven either by an LFO or Envelope Follower.

A case in point is the Multiwave Distortion that gives guitarists 21 truly unique and modern distortion effects. Based on new algorithms, these cover an extremely wide range from essential electronic sounds to aggressive synth-like, octave heavy and extreme foldback settings that go far beyond typical emulations of existing distortions.

Guitarist Chuck Garvey of moe., the first to use the Soundblox Multiwave enthused, "I love the Soundblox Distortion! It''s a chunky, creamy, tweaker''s dream. The high gain is dense with lots of sustain. In addition to the fuzzy, over the top sounds, you can do killer chicken pickin'' with clear compression and zero gain, OR choose from the synth-sounding, octave-up settings that recreate clavinet and other amazing sounds. Super flexible and easy to use."

In the multi band mode, the Multiwave Distortion pedal also divides the input signal into multiple frequency bands, which are then separately distorted before being recombined. This enables guitarists to play complex distorted chords while each note can be heard with exceptional clarity. Several notes can be allowed to drone simultaneously while a separate melody is played on top with different notes feeding back at the same time.

Based on the Hot Hand Wah Filter and Hot Hand Phaser/Flanger effects systems, the new Soundblox Tri-Mod Wah, Tri-Mod Flanger and Tri-Mod Phaser pedals each offer 11 different effects that feature the same high quality sounds as their predecessors.

The Tri-Mod Wah, Phaser and Flanger can be further modulated using the Frequency, Depth and Speed controls for additional sounds. The Frequency control sets the filter sweep to lower or higher frequencies. Depth drives the effect with either an LFO or Envelope Follower and controls the depth of each modulation source. Speed controls either the attack and decay time of the envelope or the speed of the LFO.

If the Hot Hand motion Controller is used, a subset of controls on each Soundblox pedal adjusts the Hot Hand controller to suit an individual’s playing style.

All Soundblox effects feature state-of-the-art 56-bit DSP co-developed with Analog Devices, Inc. and crystal clear 24-bit A/D D/A converters for exceptional sound quality.

MSRP for the Soundblox pedals - $149.99

MSRP for the Hot Hand Wireless Adapter & Controller - $150

MSRP for the Hot Hand Wired Controller - $24.95

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