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SPG (StarPower Guitars) Under Original Ownership

StarPower Guitars'' original owner returns to revamp the company.

Hanson, MA. (August 26, 2009) - After a two year hiatus from the guitar industry, Rick Welch has taken back the reigns of the company he started back in 2005. SPG Guitar (also known as StarPower Guitars) is now back with both new and old guitar products and services.

“It was exciting to upload the SPG Guitars website. It was amazing how in a short time there were thousands of guitars created and built under the SPG umbrella – the website was a monster ready for rebirth,” commented Rick Welch. Since there were so many models sold from 2005 – 2007, what is currently up on the web site is going to be used for archival purposes. "We are in the planning stages of building a few limited edition SPG models that were our best sellers during that time period."

What has changed and will not fall under the SPG lineup is what was formerly known as the SPG Custom Guitar Shop. Rick Welch and Master Luthier Eric Brown renewed their partnership early this year to establish a custom, build-to-order, made by hand, custom-crafted guitar offering now called New England Custom Guitars. This new venture will be primarily focused on unique professional player instruments, built to order, made solely in the Farmingdale, Maine Guitar Custom Shop. From time to time, New England Custom Guitars will offer exclusive, one of a kind instruments for sale on their web site.

In 2007, SPG was sold to an independent guitar company in Seabrook, New Hampshire. Rick Welch bought the company back in June of 2009 for an undisclosed amount.

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