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Stompboxtober 2019: 31 Days of Pedal Giveaways

STOMPBOXTOBER 2019 has ended!

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October 1: Tommy Beeson, winner of the NUX BumbleBee Pedalboard
October 2: Stan Anthony, winner of the  Cinnamon Drive pedal and Smart Track® XS2 top routing + soft case from Aclam Guitars
October 3: Tom Canning, winner of the Source Audio C4 Synth
October 4:  David Chadwick, winner of the DryBell Guitar Effects Unit67
October 5:  Frank Wilson, Winner of the Mooer Audio Tone Capture GTR 
October 6:  Buddy Collura, winner of the Red Panda Lab Particle 2
October 7:  Julie Barta, winner of the Radial Engineering Twin-City
October 8:  Mark Passalent, winner of the Animals Pedal Vintage Van Driving is Very Fun Overdrive
October 9:  Shane Kukiattikoon, winner of the Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer
October 10:  Ben Bale, winner of the Two Notes Audio C.A.B. M
October 11:  Andrew Clark, winner of the Zeppelin Design Labs Quaverato
October 12:  Valeria Sosa, winner of the Dophix David Over Distortion
October 13:  Tim Ortel, winner of the Eventide Rose
October 14: James Lee, winner of the TWA MiniMorph
October 15: Rafe David, winner of the Mission Engineering Mission 529
October 16: Daniel Morrell, winner of the Danelectro Breakdown Pedal
October 17: Bill Caven, winner of the MOOD Pedal from Chase Bliss Audio
October 18:  George Pycik, winner of the Mad Professor Supreme Overdrive
October 19:  Andrew Schilmeister and Marshall Brown winners of the Hotone Audio Omni IR and Omi AC 
October 20: David R. Crane and  Anthony Ramage, winners of the Outlaw effects Quick Draw Delay and Cactus Juice Overdrive 
October 21:  Mark Falada, winner of the Gator Cases Large Pedalboard with Case
October 22:  Alexandre Fay-Keller, winner of the Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz
October 23:  Matt Roach, winner of the Somersault Lo-Fi Modulator form Caroline Guitar Co. 
October 24:  Steve Gillette, winner of the Spiral Electric FX yellow Spiral Drive
October 25:  Larry Tritel, winner of the LR Baggs  Align Series Delay
October 26:   Christopher Freeman, winner of the  Malekko Heavy Industry Goatkeeper
October 27:  Albert Elms, winner of the Walrus Audio  Kangra Filter Fuzz
October 28:  Hubert Smurawa and  Roger Klouser, winners of the Keeley Elecronics DDR and FuzzBender
October 29: Dan Berger, winner of the Revv Amplification G2
October 30:  Seth Helton,  Steven Cooley,  Chris Anderson, and  Paul Schwartz, winners of the Georg L's Pedalboard Kits
October 31: James Rowe, winner of the Rocket Surgeon StarLifter Bass Preamp EQ/DI

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