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Stompboxtober 2018: 31 Days of Pedal Giveaways

STOMPBOXTOBER 2018 is here!

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Stompboxtober 2018


October 1: Daniel Veenstra winner of the Radial Engineering AC-DRIVER
October 2:  Joe Woodard, winner of the  Cusack Music Resound reverb
October 3:  Matt Johnson, winner of the Mad Professor Dual Blue Delay
October 4:  Sharon Coltey, winner of the Lounsberry Pedals Nigel Pedal
October 5:  Pat Boylan, Winner of the Xotic Effects Limited Edition Andy Timmons BB Preamp
October 6:  Maria Iglesias, winner of the Aguilar Amplification Grape Phaser
October 7:  Kirk Herzbrun, winner of the Source Audio True Spring Reverb
October 8:  EJ Norgard, winner of the Jacques Pedals Bete Noire
October 9:  Bill Kieft, winner of the Fulltone Full-Drive1
                   Robert White, winner of the Fulltone Full-Drive2 V2       
                   Karim Chichakly, winner of the Fulltone Full-Drive3
October 10:  John Hnida, winner of the Jam Pedals Ripply Fall
October 11:  David Essayan, winner of the Carl Martin Compressor Limiter
October 12:  Ian Eternick, winner of the Lehle Mono Volume
October 13:  Linda Stuetz, winner of the Victory V4 The Countess
October 14: Justin Hyers, Robert Upleger,  Carl Harding, Douglas Christ, Tricia Brown, Fern Updegraff, Katherine Frazier, John Pasiuk, Craig O'Donnell, and Niles Frantz Winners of a 6-month subscription to Pedal Genie
October 15: Bruce Ackerman, winner of the Outlaw Effects Cactus Juice and John Walansky, winner of the Outlaw Effects Wrangler Compressor 
October 16: Joshua Wendt, winner of the Jonny Rock Gear Moby Depth
October 17: Chad Witwer, winner of the Seymour Duncan Palladium Gain Stage
October 18: Mike Mcnaulty, winner of the Big Joe Stompbox Company Freakshow Fuzz Silicon
October 19: Sean Reed, Winner of the Ramble FX Kismet
October 20: Steve Kellett, winner of the NEXI Industries Dutch Screamer
October 21: John Turrill, Winner of the Valeton Coral Mod
October 22: Joseph Carano, winner of the Escape Plan Pedals Launch Code
October 23: Gary Yoshimura, winner of the Two Notes Audio Le Crunch
October 24: Michael DeFren,  John Palisano,  Jeremy Smith, and  Howell Edwards, winners of Georg L's Cable Kits
October 25:  Chris Budín, winner of the GFI System Jonassus Drive
October 26:  Greg Quintard,winner of the Mooer Audio Black Truck; Cameron King, winner of the Mooer Groove Loop; and Keith Thompson, winner of the Mooer Custom 100
October 27:  Giovanni Lule-Paredes, winner of the Coppersound Pedals Gravity Bomb
October 28:   Joshua Smith, winner of the Diamond Pedals Memory Lane Jr., Sarah Howson, winner of the Diamond Comp Jr., and Charlie Danford, winner of the Diamond Fireburst
October 29: Mel Jones, Winner of the LR Baggs Pedal Suite
October 30:   Francois Luong, winner of the Spaceman Effects Mercury IV; and David Killius, winner of the Spaceman Effects Nebula
October 31: Tyler King, Chris Conanan, and Joe Losardo, winners of a D'Addario Chromatic Pedal Tuner