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Stompboxtober 2017: 31 Days of Pedal Giveaways

STOMPBOXTOBER 2017 is here!

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October 1: Noah Winkle winner of the  Boris: Fuzz for the People OR Seratone: Mood Altering Bass Fuzz from Rocket Surgeon by Nordstrand Audio
October 2:  Joe Norwood winner of the Eau Claire Thunder Distortion and Happiness Multi-Mode Filter
October 3:  Walt Lockhart winner of the Xotic Effects Soul Driven
October 4: Del Szatmary, winner of the Diamond Tremolo;  Krisstofer Siores, winner of the Memory Lane Jr.;  Shane Brengle, winner of the  Comp Jr. ; Danny Hescock, winner of the 902 Overdrive.
October 5:  Rejean Gauthier, winner of the DOD Rubberneck
October 6:  John Owens, Winner of the Pedaltrain PT-N18-TC and PT-18-PSC-X 
October 7: Kitty Lang, Winner of the Radial Engineering Texas-Pro
October 8: Scott Kaszyk, Winner of the Nux Effects Tape Core Deluxe and Loop Core Deluxe Bundle
October 9:  Brad Kinchen, Winner of the LR Baggs Venue DI
October 10:  Eric Weingard, Winner of the MU-FX Phasor 2x and Chad Pestorious, Winner of the MU-FX Boostron 3
October 11:  David McCright, David Benett, Joseph Tomanelli, Pete Tibor, and Jason Davidson, Winners of the D'Addario/Planet Waves Chromatic Pedal Tuners
October 12:  Jorge Rodriguez, Winner of the Vertex Effects Steel String
October 13:  Paul Fazen, winner of the Outlaw Effects Deputy Marshal Plexi Distortion & Bruce Jensen, winner of the Outlaw Effects Boilermaker
October 14:  Doug Hilbert, winner of the Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb
October 15: Joshua Biehler, winner of the Fuzzrocious Blast Furnace
October 16: Michael Padula, winner of the Mooer Audio Red Truck & Philip Wuest, winner of the Mooer Audio Mod Factory Pro
October 17: Rob Mattox, winner of the Spaceman Effects Explorer
October 18: Ed Auran, winner of the Keeley Electronics Compressor+
October 19: Patsy Ayres, winner of the Ampeg Classic Bass Preamp & Mik Ishmael, winner of the Scrambler Bass Overdrive;
October 20: Ken Stern, winner of the Mad Professor Dual Blue Delay
October 21: Neddal Ayad, winner of the Aguilar Amps Tone Hammer Preamp/DI
October 22: Andrew Mercer, winner of the Lehle Mono Volume 90
October 23: Jim Geib, winner of the Gator Cases GPB‐XBAK‐GR
October 24: Bill Davis, winner of the T-rex Effects Alberta II
October 25: Brian Nelson, winner of the Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe
October 26: William Tatum, winner of the Aclam Guitars Smart Track S2 pedalboard + softcase
October 27:  Jeremy Reffel (Carl Martin Red Repeat)
October 28:  Steve Agosto (EBS Sweden Black Haze)
October 29: Erik Holke (Amptweaker Pressurizer)
October 30: Eric Bergmanis (Fulltone Mas Malo)
October 31: David Windhorst, Jared Plant, Brian Tedlock, Steve Kellett, Matthew Capdevila, Ian Swanberg, John Stewart, Bas Wiering, Clyde Takahashi,  and Greg Boboski winners of the Boss 40th Anniversary DS-1