November 2019

Stompboxtober 2019: 31 Days of Pedal Giveaways

STOMPBOXTOBER 2019 is here!

Be sure to bookmark this page and come back every day during the month of October for your daily chance to win!
Click the calendar below for today's giveaway. Each new giveaway begins at 11:00 AM Central time.

Stompboxtober Calendar


October 1: Tommy Beeson, winner of the NUX BumbleBee Pedalboard
October 2: Stan Anthony, winner of the  Cinnamon Drive pedal and Smart Track® XS2 top routing + soft case from Aclam Guitars
October 3: Tom Canning, winner of the Source Audio C4 Synth
October 4:  David Chadwick, winner of the DryBell Guitar Effects Unit67
October 5:  Frank Wilson, Winner of the Mooer Audio Tone Capture GTR 
October 6:  Buddy Collura, winner of the Red Panda Lab Particle 2
October 7:  Julie Barta, winner of the Radial Engineering Twin-City
October 8:  Mark Passalent, winner of the Animals Pedal Vintage Van Driving is Very Fun Overdrive
October 9:  Shane Kukiattikoon, winner of the Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer
October 10:  Ben Bale, winner of the Two Notes Audio C.A.B. M
October 11:  Andrew Clark, winner of the Zeppelin Design Labs Quaverato
October 12:  Valeria Sosa, winner of the Dophix David Over Distortion
October 13:  Tim Ortel, winner of the Eventide Rose
October 14: James Lee, winner of the TWA MiniMorph
October 15: Rafe David, winner of the Mission Engineering Mission 529
October 16: Daniel Morrell, winner of the Danelectro Breakdown Pedal
October 17: Bill Caven, winner of the MOOD Pedal from Chase Bliss Audio
October 18:  George Pycik, winner of the Mad Professor Supreme Overdrive
October 19:  Andrew Schilmeister and Marshall Brown winners of the Hotone Audio Omni IR and Omi AC 
October 20: David R. Crane and  Anthony Ramage, winners of the Outlaw effects Quick Draw Delay and Cactus Juice Overdrive 
October 21: 
October 22:
October 23: 
October 24: 
October 25: 
October 26:  
October 27:  
October 28:   
October 29:
October 30:
October 31:

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