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SubDecay Releases Echobox

Pedal Features a Unique Noise Reduction Circuit

Newberg, OR (March 22, 2008) - SubDecay describes their new Echbox Delay pedal as registering somewhere between a digital and an analog delay, but without the coldness of the typical digital delay or the sometimes "icky" artifacts heard with analogs.

The company put plenty of intuitive and useful features into the Echo Box. According to their lit, the repeats degrade each time they are recycled but without the clicking or popping often caused by "noise reduction" compandor circuits in older delays. Instead, the Echo Box uses a discrete noise reduction circuit that was designed from the ground up. 

The natural decay mode allows the echo effect to naturally trail off after being bypassed. With this feature off, the pedal is true bypass. The modulation can be turned completely off, it can add just a little tape-like warble, or it can push your tone to near insanity. Delay time ranges from 35 to 800ms. Infinite repeats are possible, and the scaling of the repeat knob can be altered via an internal trimpot.

The Echo Box is hand made in Newberg Oregon with high quality components. It has a durable diecast metal enclosure and 3PDT switches for true bypass switching. It has a blue LED and can be powered by 9 Volt battery or DC adaptor (draws less than 100mA).

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