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T-Rex Announces Reptile 2, Twister 2, and Tonebug Sustainer for 2011

The Reptile and Twister get updates with new features, while the Tonebug line gets a Sustainer.

Denmark (December 31, 2010) – T-Rex Engineering, the Danish guitar effects pedal manufacturer, will present the newest members of its growing line of boutique effects pedals at the 2011 NAMM Show. The new pedals include: Reptile 2, Twister 2, and Tonebug Sustainer.

Reptile 2
Originally conceived to offer the killer delay tone and certain controls found on its “big brother” Replica pedal at a more affordable price, the Reptile gets a facelift for 2011. It now features a convenient Tap Tempo function, allowing the user to quickly and easily get in sync in a live setting. The Reptile 2 also features and enhanced set of Flutter controls, providing great retro-sounding, tape-delay “warble.” The Reptile 2 retails at $369 and is shipping now.

Twister 2
Another classic T-Rex pedal updated for 2011, T-Rex gave the Twister a face-lift based on user feedback, and it has been completely updated with new hardware and software. The Light/Heavy switch has been removed and the Twister 2 covers a wider tonal range than the original Twister. The new software update does the trick – by adjusting Depth, Tone and Rate, you can make Twister II deliver both old-fashioned vintage sound as well as a more modern chorus sound. The Twister 2 retails at $369 and will be shipping in Spring 2011.

Tonebug Sustainer
The Tonebug Sustainer joins this growing line of T-Rex pedals built with a simple philosophy in mind: to offer the classic T-Rex tone found in our higher-end pedals, with intuitive, uncomplicated controls, at a price that any guitarist can afford. The Tonebug Sustainer first compresses the signal, and then applies gain to keep your tone playing. The result is gorgeous, natural-sounding sustain for long-lasting power chords. Your tone is preserved, with no artificial coloring. Features Compression, Sustain, and Attack controls. The Tonebug Sustainer retails at $129 and will be shipping in Spring 2011.

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