An understated, utilitarian buffer/boost/preamp that can profoundly reshape your tones.



Intuitive and transformative impedance control. Excellent transparent boost. Includes AmpliTube 4.

Feature set might be overkill for some.


IK Multimedia Z-Tone Buffer Boost


Ease of Use:


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The Fluence team at Fishman (left to right): Larry Fishman; VP of OEM Sales Rob Ketch; Fluence project manager Charlie Russell; Electrical Engineer John Eck; R&D head Ching-Yu Lin.

Fluence, Fishman’s first line of electric guitar pickups, marks a radical departure from the traditional technology.

I highly recommend having a conversation with Ritchie Fliegler. Fliegler, a guitar industry vet boasting lengthy tenures at both Fender and Marshall, is psyched about his new collaboration with Larry Fishman. That project can—correction, will—change the way you think about electric guitar pickups.

My initial “pre-interview” with Fliegler lasted almost two hours. We discussed everything from aerospace technology to Lionel trains, from Hendrix’s association with Marshall to why no one considers the New York Philharmonic to be a cover band. And somehow it all seemed relevant. Within days I was on my way to Massachusetts to meet with the team at Fishman.

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