arthur channel

Arthur Channel in the studio working on their debut.
Photo by Tamarind Free Jones.

Ex-Chili Pepper drummer Jack Irons, Beck sideman Lyle Workman, Wallflowers bassist Greg Richling, and Alain Johannes team with singer/guitarist Jon Greene for a project right out of the movies.

It’s the stuff of Hollywood. Well, almost. If rookie singer/guitarist Jon Greene’s true-life story about forming Arthur Channel with a bunch of rock ’n’ roll veterans were adapted to the silver screen, big-studio scriptwriters would have them racking up Top 40 hits, performing on all the late-night TV shows, and laughing all the way to the bank.

But it’s unlikely that Arthur Channel’s nine hauntingly atmospheric tunes full of velvety, warbling vocals, complex chord shapes, and trippy, neo-Holdsworthian guitar solos would get that kind of play in today’s pop-oriented industry.

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