Big tones–and a bunch of them–in an inexpensive vintage-style bass.

Great price. Appealing playability. Tonal versatility.

A bit body heavy. Buzzy factory setup. Taper of tone pot could be wider.


Epiphone Newport


When you look at the Epiphone Newport, it hits a lot of fun, familiar notes. The cherry finish and headstock, for example, are lovely traditional Gibson/Epiphone touchstones. Take a closer look, though, and this bass reveals itself as an instrument of more complex makeup. Indeed, the mix of throwback logo on the headstock, the modern bridge, and a pickup array that blends original Newport, Gibson EB-0, and modern flavors all give the instrument the feel of an old friend that’s been modded over decades.

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Utilizing salvaged Old Growth Redwood and semi-hollow construction, the bass captures the aesthetic and voice of the classic instruments it’s based on while delivering modern high-performance hardware and playability.

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Rig Rundown: Blu DeTiger

Whether it’s slapping on TikTok, headlining solo tours, performing with Jack Antonoff and Olivia Rodrigo, or improvising over her DJ set, this badass player just needs a Jazz bass to get the party popping.

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