The iconic ’80s band is back with an intriguing double album of greatest hits and new tunes.


Blondie 4(0)-Ever

It’s one thing to release a “best of” album to celebrate a mile-marker, but it’s a graduated level of impress to release a yin-yang double disc that pairs a rerecorded album of greatest hits with a studio album of new material. For that alone, Blondie’s commemoration of the group’s 40th anniversary raises a bar.

Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits—the remake half of the package—sounds and feels like a Technicolor blast from the past. Right out of the gate with “Heart of Glass” and through 11 iconic rompers like “Call Me,” this is an extremely rocking collection of hit pop tunes that, to be honest, pleasantly surprise in how catchy and listenable they still are.

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