Black Pumas Rig Rundown
Rig Rundown: Black Pumas' Adrian Quesada, Eric Burton & Brendan Bond

These old-soul musicians smother their classy Fender and Gibson guitars with tasty tremolo and splashy reverb, creating a reverential sound that bridges smooth Motown and slick modernity.

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Take a straight line to stompbox satisfaction.

Tough, cutting, silicon fuzz tone with warmth and character. Satisfyingly simple to use. Super-solid build quality.

One-knob design comes with some tone-shaping limitations


Catalinbread Fuzz


A lot of Catalinbread’s best pedals, like the Echorec, Adineko, Belle Epoch, and Topanga, emulate the sounds and function of quirky and unruly electromechanical devices. Designing and building digital stompbox versions of these machines is not easy. The R&D can be intense. And you can imagine the obsessive traps one would encounter chasing a magical ghost tone lurking in the arcane workings of a drum delay or an oil can echo. Catalinbread’s new CB Series pedals, however, are a pivot in the direction of pure simplicity. For the company’s engineering department, developing these pedals must have been a bit like a summer art retreat.

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Kikagaku Moyo are (left to right) bassist Kotsuguy, guitarists Daoud Popal and Tomo Katsurada, drummer Go Kurosawa, and sitarist Ryu Kurosawa.

Photo by Jamie Wdziekonski

The effects-crazy, THC-fueled Japanese psychedelic rockers, led by guitarists Tomo Katsurada and Daoud Popal, have called it quits, but not before one last album and tour.

The core of Kikagaku Moyo, a psychedelic quintet from Tokyo, Japan, is group improvisation. Collaborative synergy and interplay are embedded deep within the band’s collective subconscious, and their live shows—as well as their studio recordings—are often spontaneous acts of creation.

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