celestial effects

This orange wedge features aggressive, amp-style gain in an interactive, highly tweakable stomp.

Celestial Effects’ Aries Beast Distortion is a pedal worthy of its astrological namesake. It’s intense, forceful, and hot-blooded. And while countless pedals have attempted to crack the heavy-amp-in-a-box code with mixed results, the Aries gets very close, thanks to a unique EQ section with two flexible gain stages.

God of War
The Aries’ two gain stages are op-amp driven. One has no clipping stage, and it cascades into the second op-amp stage, which uses MOSFET clipping diodes. The very different voices of the two gain stages—and the fact they can be adjusted individually—is critical to the variety of distorted tones. The first stage, which is controlled by a single knob—gain—sounds open and wide. The clipping-diode stage has a tighter, more compressed sound and is controlled by the drive knob.

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