chris stapleton

A bigger speaker and a leap back to handwired brownface circuitry make Chris Stapleton’s signature Princeton a sparkling, sophisticated, and bellowing bruiser.

Played using a Fender Telecaster set to the bridge pickup, recorded with a Coles 4038 ribbon mic set 12" in front of the amp, direct to Pro Tools via a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo.
The first three passages have the Princeton's volume at 4 and tone at 6 (both out of 10); passage 2 has tremolo speed set to minimum and depth at 6; passage 3 has tremolo speed set to 6 and depth at 5. The final passage has the amp's volume at 7 and tone at 7.


An accurate, authentic sounding, and well-constructed brownface Princeton combo, with the bonus of a 12" speaker for a surprisingly big, rich, meaty voice.

A touch expensive. Some bedroom players will still need to use an output attenuator to achieve lower-volume overdrive tones—even at 12 watts.


Fender ’62 Princeton Chris Stapleton Edition


Ease of Use:


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