A union of fuzz-motivated minds yields a beastly wah.

A beautiful marriage of fuzz and wah. Searing, focused fuzz tones. Pairs perfectly with PAF-style humbuckers. Quality construction.

Internally mounted pots for fuzz volume and gain. Narrow sweep may suit pedal but will leave some players longing for more range.


Dunlop Cry Baby Daredevil Fuzz Wah


I first got to know Daredevil Pedals’ Johnny Wator because I recognized a fellow Stooges fan. As you’d expect from any pedal-building acolyte of Ann Arbor’s finest, Wator’s wares explored the filthier side of the effects spectrum: raspy silicon fuzzes, dirty delays, and the sound of cocked wahs. And for players drawn to all things punky, scuzzy, and dragged through the gutter, Daredevil’s roster is, forgive the pun, a funhouse. It’s hard to imagine a bunch of folks more sympathetic to Wator’s aims than Dunlop. They harbor many maniacs with a deep affinity for the heavy and unhinged. And the fruit of their collaboration with Wator, the Cry Baby Daredevil Fuzz Wah, is as beautifully nasty as you would dare imagine.

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It’s built to better fit pedalboards—but three switchable voices make it more versatile, too.


Wide range of wah voices. Smooth sweep. Torque-adjustable treadle stays parked when you want it to. Top-mounted jacks. Bypass LED.

Voice switch could be bigger and easier to see.


Dunlop Cry Baby Junior


Ease of Use:


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Rig Rundown - Rush's Alex Lifeson

PG's Rebecca Dirks is On Location in Chicago, IL, at the United Center where she talks with Rush's Alex Lifeson's tech Scott Appleton about the gear Lifeson is using on Rush's 2011 Time Machine tour.

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