epigaze audio

This medium-gain stomp combines a powerful EQ section with a fresh interpretation of a classic design.

It’s difficult for me to head to a gig without a TS-style overdrive. There’s just something about knowing I have that midrange bump in my arsenal. Epigaze’s entry into the Screamer/Bluesbreaker field, the Civic Crown, cops more than enough of the most sought-after frequencies that made those storied designs so ubiquitous. Along with a 3-band EQ, drive, and level controls, there are also two internal DIP switches that add a bass boost and increased headroom.

Since guitar is such a midrange-focused instrument, the addition of the +/-15 dB mid control has convinced me that the standard 3-knob OD layout is outdated. My T-style Schroeder, which is particularly bright, matched up with the Civic quite nicely as I tried to cop some of Brad Paisley’s mid-gain lead tones. The gain control was able to go from subtle, almost-clean boost to a thick, barking crunch—quite impressive. On the low end, the bass response was tight without getting flappy even at the max levels.

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