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Epigaze Audio Introduces the Monoceros 838 Echo, Neutrino Buffer, and Supercluster Compressor

The Monoceros features 10ms-580ms of delay via a PT2399 chip

Charlotte, NC (May 8, 2015) -- The Monoceros 838 Echo is a vintage style echo in a digital format. Monoceros features simple controls for quick on the fly adjustments. The Monoceros features 10ms-580ms of delay via a PT2399 chip. Three controls are all you need: Time, Sensitivity, and Repeat. Perfect for creating haunting delay tones with its interactive controls. The Supernova switch will send your repeats into sonic oscillation and can be adjusted via an internal trimpot.

Suggested retail price is $224.99.

Watch the company's video demo:

Save your tone! The Neutrino is a simple boutique buffer pedal to give your signal the boost it needs before heading to your pedal board. Now you can run your buffer before your fuzz pedals without any conflicts simply by switching between high or low impedance via a toggle switch. Perfect for those of us who have a lot of pedals and/or long cable runs.

Suggested retail price is $74.99

Modern compression features based around a vintage classic. The Supercluster is a vintage style optical compressor with some modern changes. Two classic controls, Level & Comp control the compressor just like the pedals you are used to from the past. The Blend control will mix between the Supercluster compression with your buffered clean signal.

Suggested retail price is $179.99.

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