flange effect

An analog modulation device that is chameleon-like in every sense.

Tight modulation tones that are easy to blend. Interactive controls with great range. Capable of weirdness if you want it.

Sensitive controls makes finding specific tones more challenging. Full wet sound induces perceived volume drop.


Walrus Audio Polychrome


When we use the term "chameleon-like," we're normally referring to something that fits into many different surroundings. But let's consider the transformation process: Have you ever watched a chameleon change colors? It's totally psychedelic. You could take a still photo and see that within each shift, there are many subtle variations, each of which are awesome. Now, imagine if this process were a guitar tone and you'll probably have a good idea what the Walrus Audio Polychrome flanger sounds like—solid modulation tones that sit comfortably within their surroundings while shifting in trippy, immersive, fun ways.

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