fuzzhugger fx

The Pocket Arcade combines fuzz, oscillation, octave, and modulation to offer a wealth of weird tones in a tiny, compact form.

FuzzHugger(fx) is a one-man operation based in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, that, true to name, has a freakish passion for all things fuzz. Head honcho Tom Dalton designs and wires all his creations, starting with a fuzzy foundation, adding a little oscillation here, sprinkling a bit of octave there, and then maybe some modulation for good measure to cook up a line of varied fuzz flavors. One of his wildest concoctions—the Phantom Arcade—captures all of the above in a single unit. Now the Phantom has a baby brother, the Pocket Arcade, which drops a footswitch and adds a few toggles to serve up much of the same bedlam on a smaller plate.

Twist Your Way to Chaos
The Pocket Arcade is housed in an unfinished, MXR-sized enclosure that can only take power from a 9V barrel adapter. On the face of the effect, you’ll find the three knobs and three switches situated atop an 8-bit-style graphic that exudes Nintendo charm. To select the Arcade’s individual modes, engage the toggle that corresponds to each function. Lo-glitch is the fuzzier of the two voice options, generating a lower octave with some ring modulation-like curve balls. The hi-ring toggle runs in the opposite direction: one octave up, with considerably less fuzz, and a hint of ring mod. With this switch engaged, you can tailor the high end of the output with the hi-score knob.

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