FuzzHugger Effects Announces the Pocket Arcade

A five-mode, analog multi-effect, with octaves, glitching, ring mod tones, and fuzz

Mansfield, PA (March 5, 2012) -- The FuzzHugger Pocket Arcade is a five-mode, analog multi-effect, with octaves, glitching, ring mod tones, and fuzz, all packed in a 2.37 inch wide enclosure.

The pedal is a miniaturized version of FuzzHugger's Phantom Arcade, featuring the pedal's three most dramatic knobs and adding an extra mode for good measure. The Pocket Arcade generates an incredibly wide range of unique-but-usable tones: cleanish octave up, ring mod tones, fat and nasty octave down, glitching, phantom octave tones (subtle, disappearing and reappearing octaves), fuzzed out ring modulator tones, and blistering octave up fuzz! So many tones it takes a run-on sentence to cover them!

• Three toggles for five modes, three knobs.
• Professionally printed circuit board.
• Gem button LEDs and flashing blue LED.
• True-bypass switching.
• 9v negative tip adapter power (No batteries.)
• Rugged aluminum enclosure (3.7" x 2.37")

Price: Currently on sale for $175.

For more information:

A smart, potent boost that’s much more than meets the eye.

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Some buyers might find it a little pricey.


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