grez guitars

Utilizing salvaged Old Growth Redwood and semi-hollow construction, the Bass VI captures a classic aesthetic and voice while delivering modern high-performance hardware and playability.

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God-like gold-foil tones from a boutique beauty.

Coincidence or emerging trend? That’s what I wondered after unboxing the Grez Mendocino. It’s the third consecutive guitar I’ve reviewed that integrates elements from 1960s budget guitars into a high-performance boutique beauty.

The main retro touch here is a pair of Lollar Gold Foil pickups. These are modernized versions of the inexpensive rubber-magnet pickups once used in cheapo Japanese Teisco guitars. (The pickups are no longer cheap: A pair of these will typically set you back north of $300.)

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See what this handmade, compact, semi-hollow with an old-growth redwood top is all about.