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Grez Guitars Launches Mendocino Bass VI

Grez Guitars Launches Mendocino Bass VI

Utilizing salvaged Old Growth Redwood and semi-hollow construction, the Bass VI captures a classic aesthetic and voice while delivering modern high-performance hardware and playability.

The instrument features new electronics, our Grez Multi-Tone tone pot. A single center detent control that provides a flat response at the detent, a low cut when rolled forward and a high cut when rolled back. The low-cut function is an important contributor to the versatility of any Bass VI style guitar.

With a 30” scale and weighing just 5.75lbs, it fits in a guitar size case making it incredibly travel friendly. The Halon steel bridge ensures solid intonation and the pleasing energy transfer to the body that steel imparts."

There are so many important songs of the past that used a Bass VI. I wanted to make something that would allow me to be part of that tradition in the future."

The Mendocino Bass VI is available for order now from Grez Guitars and their dealers. Customization is welcome with delivery times as little as 8 weeks.

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  • Salvaged Old Growth Redwood Top
  • 1.75" Thick, 5.75lbs, 30" Scale, 23 Jumbo Frets
  • Semi-Hollowbody Design
  • Honduran Mahogany Body and Neck
  • Gemini Dynasonic Style Pickups
  • Ships with LaBella Flats .026” to .095”
  • Combo High and Low Cut Tone Control
  • Satin Nitro Finish
  • Custom Aluminum Stop Tailpiece
  • Halon Steel Bridge
  • The Mendocino Bass VI, Street Price, $3,500. Available Immediately.

Grez Mendocino Bass VI Demo