Manufactured in 1966 by Kawai Musical Instruments, the Noble TV594 Thunderball even featured a “Thunderball 007” plastic badge on the pickguard.

This Japanese model was named after a ’60s 007 film and equipped with so many knobs and switches it might have appealed to James Bond himself.

So, back in the day, there was this secretive criminal organization named SPECTRE, which stole an atomic bomb and then threatened to blow up a major metropolitan area unless its ransom demands were met. One of the leaders of SPECTRE was Emilio Largo, identifiable by his eyepatch. He lived in the Bahamas and had a couple of local associates, namely Count Lippe, Fiona Volpe, and Domino Derval, and they all hung out on Emilio’s ship, the Disco Volante. And British MI6’s Agent 007 was sent to investigate, foil the criminal efforts, and recover the bomb!

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