massive fx

Massive FX pairs an octave-up effect with the rare and splendid Buzzaround circuit to create distinctive and potent fuzz.

The world of fuzz is a kaleidoscope of sound, color, and moods. But if you use fuzz enough, there are days almost any old fuzz will do the job—so long as it buzzes and sounds louder than everything else.

What makes the Massive FX G.O.A.F. (Golden Order of Alchemist Fuzz) special is that, even on such days, it sounds and feels different. Sure, it buzzes and rips—especially when you add the octave effect to the mix. And it’s definitely loud enough to bully most other pedals into submission. But there’s also a sense of air and evenness to the G.O.A.F. that never seems to come at the expense of aggression. And the controls interact and feel quite unlike most fuzzes sitting on your shelf. The G.O.A.F. is a fuzz that can be positively inviting—even on days when you could care less whether you’re stomping on a Fuzz Face or a phone book.

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