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Massive FX Pedals Releases the Hypnotik Fuzz

A single switch moves the pedal from classic fuzz tones to more mid-scooped sounds.

Los Angeles, CA (October 31, 2017) -- In celebration of Halloween, Massive FX Pedals announces that the Hypnotik Fuzz is now shipping! The Hypnotik Fuzz delivers bone-shaking fuzz hugeness with impeccable design, perfect for both guitar and massive bass tones.

The Hypnotik Fuzz is a hand-wired super heavy fuzz with controls for fuzz level and two-position tone switch for “Classic Fuzz” and a “Scooped Mids” settings. The Hynotik Fuzz also serves up a killer vintage octave blended into your fuzz tone.

Hypnotik Fuzz controls include:

  • Master Volume
  • Fuzz Amount
  • Two-Position Switch: In the up position for Classic Fuzz Mode and down position for “Mid Scoop" EQ which cuts out some 1Khz for a more pronounced bass and treble fuzz tone and a bit more metallic. Mid Scoop gives an increased low-end for a heavier tone and a more defined top-end treble.

The Hypnotik Fuzz expands Massive FX Pedals 2017 product line. Additional models coming soon will feature classic designs with modern features. All component and design decisions are based on tone with emphatic disregard for cost or compromise resulting in stunning tonal excess.

Pricing for the Hypnotik Fuzz is $199

Watch the company's video demo:

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