Overflowing overdrive options—without option fatigue.

Fantastic sounds throughout. Compact and convenient.

Pricey. Some learning curve if you want to get the most out of the pedal.


RJM Music Overture


I usually keep three dirt pedals on my main board. You might have more. Lots of dirt options are fun! But what we gain in tonal variety from such set ups, we lose in valuable pedalboard space. The RJM Overture, an all-analog, digitally controlled programmable overdrive pedal with six distinct modes, offers a viable solution to this problem that doesn't skimp on the sounds.

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The literal Mastermind behind the high-functioning communication between these effects is at lower left.

It may be 40-year-old technology, but a slew of affordable high-quality controllers and stellar MIDI-enabled effects—as well as an ever-flattening learning curve—make this a great time to consider bringing your board into the future.

MIDI is a technical standard developed in the early '80s to allow equipment of a variety of types and functions to communicate as interconnected music production tools. The term Musical Instrument Digital Interface describes both the protocol and the hardware necessary for manufacturers to build compatible systems, and the standard quickly replaced most manufacturers' proprietary communication methods—making the world of synths and effects modules much more universal. Not many digital standards have remained relevant for 40 years, but MIDI is still kicking around and growing in users and market segments.

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