matrix amplification

Hear the amplifier and cabinet simulations from your modeling amplifier exactly as intended.

Oxnard, CA (September 30, 2016) -- Matrix Elements has introduced their new, highly anticipated-speaker cabinets, the FR10 and FR12. The FR10 and FR12 are lightweight, powered full-range, flat-response (FRFR) cabinets designed for use with modeling amplifiers such as Line 6’s Helix, the Kemper Profiling amp and Fractal Audio’s AX8 and Axe FxII.

The use of FRFR speakers is becoming increasingly popular with modeling solutions and the FR10 & FR12 from Matrix Elements offer a couple of unique features. The new speakers do not change or color your sound in any way, like traditional guitar cabs would. This allows you to hear the amplifier and cabinet simulations from your modeling amplifier exactly as intended. You get more control over your tone by mixing and matching amps and cabs, letting you use the amp modeler of your choice to its full potential.

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The all-valve preamp is based on a classic British single channel amp from early 1980s.

London, England (May 19, 2014) -- Matrix Amplification have released their long-awaited lightweight valve head, the VB800.

The 'Vintage British 800' combines classic British valve tone with their lightweight amplifier technology in a "lunchbox" sized amp. Size is where the lunchbox similarity ends, as this litte box packs a real punch. Delivering 420 watts into 4 ohms (150W into 16 ohms) it drives anything from a small practice cab in your bedroom up to a 4x12 at full gig volume.

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The FR212 is a lightweight mono cab specifically designed to serve as a traditional backline for guitar amp modelers.

London, UK (October 18, 2013) -- The FR212 is an FRFR cab (Full Range, Flat Response) in a traditional backline style for guitarists who want the big look and sound of guitar backline coupled with the technology to use the full features of today's guitar amp modelling products.

The FR212 is a mono cab featuring 2 custom built, high powered (500w continuous power handling) lightweight 12" neodymium drivers and a single 1" HF compression driver with a custom designed passive crossover network handling the overall signal. The cabinet is tuned and ported as you'd expect to give the optimum sound with as much bottom end as possible to handle 6 strings and beyond. It achieves this impressive bass performance with a flat response inherent in the design of the cabinet and porting, rather than an artificial, electronically boosted bass.

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