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Matrix Amplification Introduces FR12 & FR10 Speakers

Matrix Amplification Introduces FR12 & FR10 Speakers

Hear the amplifier and cabinet simulations from your modeling amplifier exactly as intended.

Oxnard, CA (September 30, 2016) -- Matrix Elements has introduced their new, highly anticipated-speaker cabinets, the FR10 and FR12. The FR10 and FR12 are lightweight, powered full-range, flat-response (FRFR) cabinets designed for use with modeling amplifiers such as Line 6’s Helix, the Kemper Profiling amp and Fractal Audio’s AX8 and Axe FxII.

The use of FRFR speakers is becoming increasingly popular with modeling solutions and the FR10 & FR12 from Matrix Elements offer a couple of unique features. The new speakers do not change or color your sound in any way, like traditional guitar cabs would. This allows you to hear the amplifier and cabinet simulations from your modeling amplifier exactly as intended. You get more control over your tone by mixing and matching amps and cabs, letting you use the amp modeler of your choice to its full potential.

The FR10 & 12 boast a new power module specially developed and now built in their US factory in Ventura alongside their other amps. The Bi-amped design makes the FR10 & 12 a self-contained unit. No other amp is necessary and they provide a great match for floor-based modelers, making your rig simple and incredibly portable. The new power module is Class AB as always from Matrix. It’s also fan-less, making them silent for home or recording use.

The speakers deliver 300W of power with the 8 ohm rated drivers – and they offer plenty of volume when you’re competing with a loud drummer. Matrix have also added DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology to the module and one of the new features is a mode that gives an approximation of the Equal Loudness curve, allowing you to use sounds dialed-in at higher volumes at bedroom volumes. This feature is very useful for players who don’t want to alter their patches and keep that stage tone at home.

One of the other unique features of the FR10 & 12 is their light weight. Taking inspiration and knowhow from their NeoLight range of guitar cabs, Matrix have used similar construction techniques coupled with modern Neodymium drivers to build some of the lightest full range speakers out there. The FR10 in particular weighs in at just over 21lbs (9.7kg) and is easily a one handed carry meaning if you’re taking advantage of one of the newer floor mounted modelers, your load in could be done in one trip with a guitar on your back and the speaker and modeler/lead bag in each hand. The FR12 is no heavyweight either at just under 29lbs (13kg). Both speakers can be interchangeably stacked so mixing and matching isn’t a problem and their backline inspired design means they won’t look out of place behind you on stage like many pro audio solutions do.

With the addition of DSP into Matrix’s new amp module they’ve been able to add time and phase alignment to the two way design of the drivers as well as adding some EQ correction to the unit meaning you get the flattest possible canvas on which to paint your tones. The DSP functions are controlled by a simple button which gives an audible signal of which mode you’re in. Mode 1 is a single beep, mode 2 is 2 beeps and mode 3 is 3 beeps. First is standard flat mode which is the default setting on powering on, second is the Equal Loudness mode we mentioned earlier and third is a low shelf/bass reduction mode, useful for boomy stages or when you’re treading on the bass players toes sound wise and need to cut through a little more. The DSP button also doubles as a limiter indicator which flashes strobe like if you should ever get to the point where the amp is at full power. A nice safety net which just keeps the volume even and without clipping so no damage to the amp or drivers occurs. Completing the set of useful features is an XLR link out so you can pass the signal sent to the cab on to something like a mixing desk or in ear monitor system. Great to have if your modeler is short on outputs or they’re used up for other things.

As always, Matrix Elements have produced a product that’s simple, functional and fills a niche for a lightweight, cost-effective solution to complement today’s new technology modelers. These cabs paired with your favorite modeler will give you access to the widest choice of tones available. You’ll get power, portability and versatility -- without compromising on toughness or sound quality. Once you have tried your modeler through an FR10 or 12, you’ll wonder why you ever put up with heavy cabs and amps in the first place.

FR 12 Specs:

  • The FR 12 comes in at just under 28.9lbs (13kg)
  • 20.5” x 12” x 17.5” (dwh)
  • 52cm x 30cm x 45cm

FR10 Specs:

  • FR10 comes in at 21.2lbs (9.7kg)
  • 20.5” x 12” x 12” (dwh)
  • 52cm x 30cm x30cm

Pricing: FR12 - $749 FR10 - $679

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