multi fx unit

Gateway to Helix, or a wireless wonderland of tone?

Dynamite price for the number of effects and amps. Wireless performance is solid. Visually appealing and effective interface.

Polycarbonate chassis might not be most road-worthy. Not enough power for some advanced DSP-intensive effects.

Line 6 POD Go Wireless


I fondly remember the first-gen POD from Line 6. It didn't look like anything else. And it was packed with way more features and effects than my novice's sense of tone could comprehend. It had amp models based on units I'd only read about and offered a fantastic portable and quiet solution to practicing. Heck, Pete Anderson even used a pair of them on stage as recently as 2014 when we caught up with him for a Rig Rundown. And if it's good enough for Mr. Anderson...

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