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Tone Tips

DIY: How to Wire a Guitar Output Jack

In the video, Dave Johnson of Nashville’s Scale Model Guitars shows you the steps for replacing a standard 1/4" jack, with a boat-style plate, with a Pure Tone Multi-Contact Output Jack.

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When it comes to fine-tuning your tone, guitarists often forget the value of a good speaker. ToneSpeak’s new models offer a wide range of versatile end-of-the-signal-chain options, in classic to fresh flavors.

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Tone Tips: Switch On, Tap Off
Our columnist's current pedalboard—the "heart" of which is a MusicomLab MK-V audio controller.

Just say no to expressive tap dancing—at least on or around your pedalboard.

I had my first “pro" guitar rig built back in 1996. It was a relatively small rack-based affair with a Rocktron Replifex multi-effects unit that I'd run in my amp's effect loop, and some pedals mounted on a shelf. The pedals were each connected to individual effects loops on a Voodoo Lab GCX eight-loop audio switcher, where I'd plug in my guitar. I could store and recall presets using a MIDI controller with the various effects loops active or bypassed per patch. (The Replifex was switched via MIDI as well.) Once I got used to this rig, I was hooked on switching systems. The ability to hit one button and have all my effects change at once was addictive. No more tap dancing!

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