piod effects

Despite its straightforward controls, this brute-force distortion pedal boasts enormous range.

Since founding Ukraine-based Piod Effects in 2009, owner/engineer Aleksey Malyshok has been trying to replicate the monstrously heavy tones of amps such as the Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier and Peavey 5150 in a stompbox. After much research, he concluded that the best way to achieve this feat was to eschew the diode-based clipping used in most of today’s distortion pedals.

This led to the development of the What You Want distortion pedals, including the recently released What You Want 2 and its compact little brother, What You Want 2 Micro. Despite its diminutive size, WYW2 Micro boasts the core circuitry and fire-breathing tone of its big brother, but with simpler, more user-friendly controls.

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