Piod Effects Introduces the What You Want 2 and What You Want 2 Micro

A distortion/preamp pedal with a highly versatile EQ section.

Ukraine (August 19, 2014) -- Piod Effects has announced the release of two new distortion pedals: What You Want 2 and its smaller-sized offspring What You Want 2 Micro.

What You Want 2 is a clear and natural-sounding mid- and high-gain distortion/preamp pedal with a highly versatile EQ section. The pedal is very touch sensitive and delivers a focused sound with excellent articulation – especially suited to dropped guitar tunings and fast riffing. It’s designed for wide variety rock styles, ranging from classic rock to metal.

This pedal has an unusual approach to adjusting the output level, because boost is applied instead of the common voltage divider. With this output, you can load the booster as much as you need without the loss of any frequency. It even works with hybrid transistor amplifiers, which makes it even more versatile.

What You Want 2 MICRO has a same circuit and sound quality as its parent, but with a slightly simpler interface and more accessible price. The Micro version has only one knob for tone coloring, called the Versatile Tone Control. This single knob allows the user to boost or cut low/high frequencies, or get a lightly mid-scooped, notched sound. It works perfectly for most needs at rock and metal styles.

Both versions have a soft & silent true bypass relay switch system. This system provides a silent switching without of "popping.” Both pedals can be used in conjunction with clean amp channels; via effects loop section of amps as a preamp; or as an independent distortion pedal.


  • Natural tube amp sounding. No doide clipping stages. Focused & touch-sensitive.
  • Simulated Output – a built-in module that provides simulation of the punchy Vintage 30, 12" frequency response speakers. This is a good solution for home practice or recording into a computer soundcard or mixers. (Not included at MICRO version).
  • Pre EQ (TINY/LOW) switch set the amount of low frequency before gain stages.
  • FREQ, Hz (500/700) mid frequency notch shift centre switch. The 500 Hz position gives a more open-sounding tone, while the 700 Hz setting delivers a deeper, darker tone.
  • No battery supply. Reverse polarity protection. Low level of audio noise.
  • Noise friendly with common DC adapters for pedals.
  • Enclosure: Metal with anodized aluminum plate for long life time.

What You Want 2: $220 retail
What You Want 2 Micro $180 retail

For more information:
Piod Effects

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