retro king amps

The amp is powered by two JJ6V6 power tubes, three JJ12AX7 preamp tubes and one JJ5U4 rectifier tube.

Marcellus, NY (October 3, 2014) -- A rare circuit that was only made for a year or two in the late '50s is sought after and hard to find. I have re-created this awesome amp and, in my opinion, it is the best sounding tweed amp.

The cabinet is made of pine and is lacquered as they did in the '50s. This cabinet is known as the "Big Box" which gives the 17-watt circuit nice lower mids and low end compared to a deluxe size cabinet. This amp has the best tremolo I ever heard. It also has a long tailed phase inverter that gives this circuit some great head room and sets it apart from some of the other lower watt tweed amps.

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