the clash

The limited-edition Joe Strummer Masterbuilt Telecaster by Fender Custom Shop offers a faithful recreation of the Clash guitarist's 1966 Telecaster.

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Photo by Lex van Rossen MAI Redferns

Created by Custom Shop Master Builder Jason Smith, the Esquire is a faithful reincarnation of Strummer's guitar of choice during the 'London Calling' and 'Combat Rock' eras.

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today introduced the acoustic Joe Strummer Campfire and Joe Strummer Esquire guitars, in celebration of the legendary British singer, guitarist, lyricist and co-founder of The Clash who continues to influence the way musicians worldwide shape their sound today. The signature models come more than 40 years after the release of The Clash's landmark London Calling album and hot on the heels of the all-new, remastered collection of Strummer's solo songs, ASSEMBLY. Created in part as a tribute to the diversity of Joe Strummer's music, the new launches include a Campfire acoustic-electric guitar and a very limited edition run of Master Built Esquire guitars from the Fender Custom Shop. In addition, fans can get their hands on a brand new range of Strummer-inspired playing accessories, including a replica of his favorite guitar strap.

"Joe's Fender guitars were a huge part of his life and, of course, his music," said Lucinda Tait, widow of Joe. "Now feels the right time to collaborate with Fender on these commemorative guitars, as we take a moment to reflect on everything Joe and his music achieved. Joe would be immensely proud of them, and excited to hear what they can do in the hands of music lovers around the world."

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