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The LH-302 comes with a pair of P-90s and the LH-304 comes with dual humbuckers.

Hayward, CA (April 3, 2015) -- The fully hollow LH-302 and LH-304 thinbody archtops from The Loar deliver vintage style and vintage tone in a classic single cutaway body design.

"There's something about an electric guitar with resonant chambers; having a fully hollow soundbox really creates a sound that can't be duplicated by any other means," says Travis Atz, the company's Director of Product Development. The 302 and 304 are extremely lively single-cutaway archtops with 1-1/2" body depths and classic 16" lower bouts. The Florentine cutaway was a classic 1960 design element added to thinbody archtops, allowing greater access to the upper frets. The dual pickup design covers a full range of tones in either bridge or neck positions.

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This traditional thinline archtop excels at old-school jazz and blues styles and realms beyond.

Thinline archtops like the Loar LH-301T are odd birds. They don’t invite lightning-quick blues-rock ripping like say, a Tune-O-Matic-equipped ES-335 or have the high-volume, feedback resistant potential of a solidbody. But they have an idiosyncratic playability and sound that makes them a perfect vehicle for jump blues, country swing, jazz, and dirty, high-octane slide work.

In creative hands, they’re capable of less dogmatically constrained applications too. And their resonant bodies, fast decay, and compact snappy attack can be an incredible blank slate for looping guitarists, drone-loving experimentalists, and African and Indian music-inspired sonic adventurers. At just under 500 bucks, the Loar LH-310T is priced to be a very appealing to players who even just dabble in the aforementioned styles.

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Hear demos of the Loar's LH-280 Archtop & Recording King's USA Custom Shop 6-String Banjo.

Premier Guitar's Charles Saufley is on location in Nashville, Tennessee, where he visits the Music Link booth (home to Recording King and the Loar) to check out and hear demos of the Loar's LH-280 Archtop & Recording King's USA Custom Shop 6-String Banjo.