voodoo amps

Voodoo's Trace Davis working on one of Richard Fortus' heads.

Trace Davis’ road to rock-star glory began with a Def Leppard bus driver—and quickly progressed to modding and building amps for the likes of Bill Kelliher, Billy Gibbons, Vivian Campbell, and Richard Fortus.

Trace Davis, Voodoo Amps founder and president, says that when he was growing up his father taught him that anything worth doing was worth doing well.

“It wasn’t that he was trying to be a hard-ass,” chuckles Davis. “It was just the approach he had learned in the military for six years. He truly believed that if you’re going to do something, you really have to sit down and do it properly. You have to have a passion for it or you’re not going to excel—and I really have a passion for this because I play guitar and I love music.” Voodoo’s growing clientele is a testament to Davis’ passion. Current Voodoo amp or amp-mod players include such notables as Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry, Vivian Campbell, Doug Aldrich, and Bill Kelliher.

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