The RockBoard ISO Power Block V10 is a multi-power supply for effects pedals that offer 10 transformer-isolated and highly filtered power slots - 8 x 9 volts (isolated) with with a max. current output of 400 mA each.

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The cable system features a 2-directional 2-piece solderless plug design.

Markneukirchen, Germany (August 2, 2018) -- The RockBoard PatchWorks Solderless Patch Cable System features the first genuine 2-directional 2-piece solderless plug design on the market designed and developed in Germany. They will always offer the plug orientation you need, since you can easily flip them from straight to angled or vice-versa. The patented easy-to-use design has a two-piece plug features a slim and compact design (chrome or gold) for saving pedalboard real estate that can be changed from straight to angled simply by turning one part by 90 degrees.

Using professional-grade, high-quality cable and connectors with gold-plated tips, the RockBoard PatchWorks give you everything you desire for your hi-fi pedalboard. Build your own patch cables, in exactly the length you need them, cutting down on excess cable path and curbing signal loss. Plug-and-play design - no cable stripping required; gold plated tips! The following RockBoard PatchWorks articles will be available by the end of July:

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The thinline acoustic bass is available in 4- or 5- string, fretted or fretless versions.

Markneukirchen, Germany (July 6, 2018) -- The Warwick and RockBass Alien acoustic basses are becoming increasingly popular. This year, a particularly comfortable thinline acoustic bass extends the RockBass Alien bass family. The hollow body of this instrument is much slimmer than standard acoustic basses. The RockBass Alien Deluxe Thinline Hybrid is available as 4- or 5- string, fretted or fretless versions. For a natural sound, a Shadow Nanomagnetic pickup in the fingerboard is combined with a piezo system under the bridge.

Other features of the RockBass Alien Deluxe Thinline Hybrid include: Solid spruce top, set-in mahogany neck, wenge fingerboard (fretted models), Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard (fretless models), Warwick Just a Nut III Tedur nut, 24 jumbo nickel silver frets (fretted models), Shadow preamp with tuner, volume, balance and tone controls for each pickup, phase switch, bone saddle with end pins, Warwick Red Bronze strings, Warwick Security Locks, chrome hardware and Natural Transparent High Polish. A RockBag® Student Line Gigbag is included.

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