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TC Electronic Announces Free Metal TonePrint Package

TonePrints from Scott Ian, Bill Kelliher, Munky, Michael "Padge" Paget, and Jona Weinhofen.

Risskov, Denmark  (August 15, 2012) – TC Electronic’s TonePrint concept takes a turn for the heavy with the release of a package of TonePrint sounds crafted by some of the hottest names in metal today. This package of sounds is completely free of charge and available immediately via TC's website or the free TonePrint app for iOS and Android.

The metal TonePrint package focuses on a range of sounds that shine equally bright in clean, crunch or totally distorted settings, but their true nature excels in a metal context.

Leading the pack is Scott Ians signature ‘Among The Living’ chorus TonePrint. Scott originally used a TC Electronic SCF pedal to get the iconic intro tone of the song ‘Among The Living’ and found the SCF ‘chorus mode’ on Corona Chorus to perfectly replicate that sound and vibe. He molded his TonePrint after that, it’s a main staple in his live rig and now it’s also available to metalheads around the globe.

Next up is Mastodons’ axe wonder Bill Kelliher and his TonePrint ‘The Shriller’, a sound that redefines ‘spooky’ tones and ‘eerie’ vibe in ways that have to be tried to be believed.

Korn guitarist Munky contributes with twisted chorus and synth delays and Michael ‘Padge’ Paget from Bullet For My Valentine gives us the famous delay sound as heard on ‘Tears Don’t Fall’ and a rocking flange sound. Rounding up the TC Electronic Metal package is Bring Me The Horizons’ Jona Weinhofen with his ‘The Curse’ Delay and Anthem Reverb TonePrints.

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