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TC Electronic Announces Nova Repeater Delay

New Nova Repeater from TC Electronic features six delay types

Frankfurt, Germany (April 6, 2009) -- The new Nova Repeater delay pedal from TC Electronic promises to give players a modern yet classy sound with its new features.

The Nova Repeater features the same great sound quality that made the Nova Delay the first choice of delay pedal for artists Paul Gilbert, Doug Aldrich, Nils Lofgren, Allen Hinds, among others, but TC Electronic says the new additions are what make this pedal stand out from others. 

The Nova Repeater features six delay types (Studio, Analog, Tape, Dynamic, Reverse and Ping-Pong), mono in and stereo out, a dedicated tap-tempo switch, audio tapping and a 'Killdry' switch. Its multi-function pot was designed to help personalize sound with a range of chorus and vibrato effects. The Nova Repeater also features six delay subdivisions, starting with a brand new dual delay requested by numerous users.

Additionally, TC Electronic has added vibrato to the Nova Repeater an idea stemming from feedback from guitar effects users. Because the Nova Repeater has two inputs matched for instrument and line level signals, it has the ability to perform equally well in front of an amp or in an effects loop.

Other new features include three delay time ranges labeled for min, mid and max positions. TC Electronic carefully chose the delay times to match the sweet-spot times used by most guitarists. It also comes with a brand-new and advanced tone control that was designed to fine-tune how extreme the effects are. The Killdry switch kills the dry sound and only puts out the wet signal from the pedal, which allows it to be used in a parallel FX-loop or a mixer encountering phase problems.

The Nova Repeater retails at $195 USD and will ship immediately.

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