Tom Anderson Guitar/Elixir Strings Giveaway

T.A. Guitarworks and Elixir Strings giveaway

Elkton, MD (October 24, 2007) – Tom Anderson Guitarworks and Elixir Strings are giving away a guitar and ten sets of strings. The promotion represents a partnership between two companies that appreciate each others’ commitment to craftsmanship and tone.

The guitar that is up for grabs is a Tom Anderson Guitarworks Atom, a 24 3/4-inch scale-length solidbody electric that is somewhat of a departure from previous Tom Anderson guitars. It has the expected neck playability and quality construction that Anderson is known for but it also features new tilt-back geometry that supports the incorporation of a wraparound-style, top-mounted bridge. This gives the Atom an explosive range of musical tonality.

Elixir Strings are known for delivering great tone for a long time. The company’s focus on the “Critical Zone of Tone,” an emphasis on fighting contaminants and corrosion in the space between the windings, has resulted in a revolutionary micro-thin polymer tube that is flexible and strong. Thinner than a human hair, it keeps the space between the windings clear and musical.

“Partnering in this special giveaway provides Elixir Strings with the opportunity to highlight Tom Anderson as a premier guitar manufacturer who continues to enhance guitar playing experiences through the development of innovative products,” says Craig Theorin, Elixir’s product manager.

“To me, Elixir Strings is one of the top guitar innovations of the last ten years,” says Tom Anderson.” “…they’ve had a huge impact on me as both a player and a builder.”

The “Elixir Strings & Tom Anderson Guitarworks Atom Guitar Giveaway” sweepstakes, held in conjunction with Elixir Strings’ 10th Anniversary, runs from October 8th through November 7th.

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