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NAMM '18 - Guild F-55 Jumbo & Jetstar Demos

February 7, 2018
The last of the company’s unissued acoustic models takes a bow, and a new solidbody electric embraces the hot-rod designs of the late ’50s.
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Quick Hit: Guild Jumbo Junior Bass

February 4, 2018
An acoustic bass that’s easy to transport, has big tones, is well constructed, and priced right.
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Guild Unveils 2018 Models

January 4, 2018
The latest offerings include the D240-E FM, a reintroduction of the F-40, and the return of the Jetstar.
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Gear of the Year 2017

November 7, 2017
Another year, another dazzling parade of pedals, guitars, amps, modelers, and accessories that made our noggins spin.
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SNAMM '17 - Guild Guitars Jumbo Junior Bass Demo

July 20, 2017
One of the company's classic shapes gets the low-end treatment.
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Flattop Finesse: Acoustic Steel-String Review Roundup

June 15, 2017
Three new acoustics from Guild, Cort, and Art & Lutherie.
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NAMM '17 - Guild M-240E Troubadour, D-40 Traditional & D-55 Demos

January 26, 2017
The California company introduces three new flattops, including one with a passive, humbucking soundhole pickup.
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GALLERY: NAMM 2017 Day 1

January 19, 2017
Guitars, amps, and stomps we saw on our first day at the Anaheim gear show.
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Guild Guitars Releases a Handful of New Models at NAMM

January 17, 2017
Back after a two-year hiatus is the D-55, Guild's flagship dreadnought acoustic.
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Guild S-200 T-Bird Review

October 21, 2016
The high-flying bird from the ’60s soars again in an authentic but more affordable guise.
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SNAMM '16 - Guild Jumbo Junior, S-200 T-Bird, & Bluesbird Demos

July 13, 2016
Get introduced to a new acoustic, a resuscitated rocker, and a yesteryear LP-style machine.
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Summer NAMM 2016: Editors' Picks – Day 1

June 23, 2016
Read about the best guitars, amps, effects, and gizmos the editors dug during the first jam-packed day of NAMM.
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Guild Guitars Reissues the S-200 T-Bird

May 19, 2016
A replica of the original versions produced between 1964 and 1968 that feature an asymmetrical all-mahogany body.
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Guild Introduces the Jumbo Junior

May 17, 2016
Guild's classic aesthetic for those who love the look of a jumbo, but may not love the size.
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American Primitive: Glenn Jones

April 12, 2016
The veteran guitarist and banjo picker reveals his secrets for achieving gorgeous simplicity via the wealth of sounds, colors, and remembrances on his sixth solo album, Fleeting.
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NAMM '16 - Guild M-20 and D-20 Demos

March 1, 2016
The company's new California-based factory starts to bear fruit with these two new flattops.
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NAMM '16 - Guild Starfire II ST & Starfire VI Demos

January 24, 2016
See and hear how these two new semi-hollowbodies have to offer.
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NAMM 2016: Editors' Picks – Day 2

January 22, 2016
Take a look at the PG editors' top picks from Day 2 of NAMM.
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Guild Guitars Releases the Starfire II ST, OM-240E, D-12, and More

January 19, 2016
The new models include five new arched-back acoustics, Starfires, and more.
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