November 2018



JHS Bonsai Review

September 20, 2018
Many modes of TS-style overdrive—every one a winner.
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Boss/JHS JB-2 Angry Driver Review

August 26, 2018
Two overdrive titans combine to become a hydra-headed beast of dirt tones.
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First Look: JHS Bonsai

February 12, 2018
PG's John Bohlinger grabs his PRS hollowbody, Hahn T-style, and a vintage Les Paul Junior to go back in time with the nine TS-style voicings barking inside this one green box.
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Eclectic Effecting 101: How to Use Stock Pedals to Unlock New Sounds

February 10, 2018
A hands-on guide to using chains of pedals to create enigmatic, spooky, and downright crazy sounds.
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NAMM '18 - JHS Bonsai 9‑Way Screamer Overdrive Demo

January 28, 2018
The Tube Screamer's history is as varied as the players who use one. Take a listen to the company's nine-in-one tribute to the green wonder.
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NAMM 2018 Editors' Picks Livestream Day 2

January 26, 2018
The PG crew convenes to discuss the day's coolest finds, including gear from Alexander Pedals, Oni Guitars, L.R. Baggs, Eventide, JHS, and more.
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GALLERY: NAMM 2018 Day 2

January 26, 2018
Take a look at highlights from Beetronics, Tokai, Keeley, Mooer, and more.
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First Look: JHS Spring Tank Reverb

November 20, 2017
PG's Last Call columnist shows off this new stomp's impressive, subtle-to-spacey range.
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JHS Pedals Releases the Spring Tank Reverb

November 1, 2017
This compact reverb pedal brings you an arsenal of settings to tweak.
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JHS VCR Review

September 17, 2017
Ryan Adams and JHS team up to design a utilitarian mash-up of modulation, reverb, and boost.
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Boss Collaborates with JHS on New Pedal, and Strandberg on New V-Guitar-Equipped 6-String

September 8, 2017
The JB-2 pairs the iconic Boss BD-2 Blues Driver with JHS Pedals’ popular Angry Charlie high-gain overdrive.
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Rig Rundown: Young the Giant

August 9, 2017
Guitarists Eric Cannata and Jacob Tilley demonstrate how offset axes and tone-bending noisemakers provide the band’s sonic bedrock. 
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JHS Pedals Announces Updates to the Double Barrel, Sweet Tea, and Moonshine

July 31, 2017
The most notable change is that both 2-in-1 pedals will now have the updated Moonshine V2 as part of the circuit.
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SNAMM '17 - JHS Pedals Pink Panther Delay, Moonshine Overdrive, Sweet Tea, and Double Barrel Demos

July 15, 2017
See and hear what their new delay, updated drive, and two stomps with dual circuitry can offer your tone.
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JHS Pedals Introduces the Pink Panther Delay

June 12, 2017
The company's first digital delay gets a well-deserved reissue.
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JHS Pedals and Ryan Adams Collaborate to Create the VCR

April 28, 2017
The pedal is inspired by the tones of the Cure, the Smiths, and a hefty dose of 1980s angst.
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JHS Pedals Announces the Milkman and Calhoun V2

April 24, 2017
The Milkman is a collaborative idea between Josh Scott of JHS Pedals and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound.
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New Gear Showcase 2017: Pt. 1

March 16, 2017
Check out part one of this year's New Gear Showcase gallery!
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Tools for the Task: Buffers

February 19, 2017
Ten buffer options to help you maintain your core guitar-to-amp tone when running multiple pedals and cables.
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NAMM 2017 Editors' Picks Livestream Day 3

January 21, 2017
Nashville guitarist Daniel Donato joins the editors to discuss the coolest gear from the third day of NAMM.
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